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About us

About us

Chaopraya River Line Co., Ltd. was established to run a boat service business on Chaopraya river with a concept on developing and uplifting the highest standard and safety services. All the boats, its rescue equipment and communication technology are used to facilitate by initially pushing and striving to create a new image for the boat trip service on Chaopraya river (Hop on Hop off Boat 4U) in order to provide the best services to the tourists with new model of boat that equipped with standardized services, safe and punctual.

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3S Standard

3S Standards

Our tourist boat service


The company has chosen aluminium on building the boat to make it light, strong and durable as well as designed and manufactured by a shipyard that retains high standard and proficiency through a detailed inspection at every stage. Rescue instruments are equipped inside the boat including traveling insurance for passengers. In addition, the on-boat service staffs are content with professional skills and safety training for passengers passing before actual work allowing the passengers to be confident with a high standard boat in every aspect and well-trained staffs to ensure the highest impression throughout travelling.


The company has intentionally brought various technologies to help facilitate travelling for passengers such as installation of a navigation system and GPS showing the location of the boat, these instruments will be connected to the LED screen inside the boat to inform the passengers the travelling information. Installation of CCTV for recording and monitoring several events will ensure the passengers of the standard of safety service and pay attention to every step of the service including the distribution of various ticket channels through the website and the automatic point-of-sale (POS) at all service point and on boats which is fast, accurate and international standard.


Service is the heart of the service industry. By means of the understanding of the needs of passengers who expect to get the best service, the company then collects information and gathers every detail to ensure that we are prompt for providing the best service to our passengers. By “service provider” that has a heart of love and willingness to serve with pleasure and put all efforts at every opportunity, every employee will be trained on the qualifications of a good service provider (Service Training), whether it is providing information, helping passengers in various situations including first aid under the policy of “good service standards must start from a good service provider” allowing passengers to feel warm and confident, like having a trusted travel companion throughout the journey.

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Our vision and service standard

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and mission

The management team has a concept on business management under the vision of Providing the best service with the highest safety standards which provided to the passengers with the boats designed and manufactured with aluminium that is strong and modern look as well as fast, safe and punctual. With a determination to provide the best service standards to our passengers throughout the travelling, we like to hear and embrace every comments on our services; without ceasing a development but incessantly seeking for a new pattern of giving service to meet the requirements and generate maximum efficiency for passengers with the confidence to become a leader in the frontline of boat services in the Chaopraya river. No matter which style you want to cruise in the Chaopraya river, varieties of ticket are available to serve your needs.

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